2.10. Tables and arrays manipulation

A new table is created calling sq_newtable, this function pushes a new table in the stack.:

void sq_newtable(HSQUIRRELVM v);

To create a new slot:

SQRESULT sq_newslot(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx,SQBool bstatic);

To set or get the table delegate:

SQRESULT sq_setdelegate(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);
SQRESULT sq_getdelegate(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);

A new array is created calling sq_newarray, the function pushes a new array in the stack; if the parameters size is bigger than 0 the elements are initialized to null.:

void sq_newarray (HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger size);

To append a value to the back of the array:

SQRESULT sq_arrayappend(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);

To remove a value from the back of the array:

SQRESULT sq_arraypop(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx,SQInteger pushval);

To resize the array:

SQRESULT sq_arrayresize(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx,SQInteger newsize);

To retrieve the size of a table or an array you must use sq_getsize():

SQInteger sq_getsize(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);

To set a value in an array or table:

SQRESULT sq_set(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);

To get a value from an array or table:

SQRESULT sq_get(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);

To get or set a value from a table without employing delegation:

SQRESULT sq_rawget(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);
SQRESULT sq_rawset(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);

To iterate a table or an array:

SQRESULT sq_next(HSQUIRRELVM v,SQInteger idx);

Here an example of how to perform an iteration:

//push your table/array here
sq_pushnull(v)  //null iterator
    //here -1 is the value and -2 is the key

    sq_pop(v,2); //pops key and val before the nex iteration

sq_pop(v,1); //pops the null iterator